Jun 27, 2024

MarAds: Your AI Studio for Boosting Your Sales Ten times!

MarAds: Your AI Studio for Boosting Your Sales Ten times!

Got products but don't know how to sell them? Tired of the same old content but unsure how to change it? Posting content every day but never standing out or going viral? Tried every method but still can't come up with anything? We have a solution for you here! "MarAds," the sales assistant for modern online sellers from BOTNOI VOICE.

BOTNOI VOICE is a text-to-speech website. Today, we are launching an automatic text generation service to save time for online sellers on content creation. Before diving into creating audio, let’s see what this new interesting feature offers.

Get Started with MarAds Studio and Stands Out Today


Step 1: Access the BOTNOI VOICE Website

All sellers can now use this new feature on the BOTNOI VOICE website from any device, be it a phone, tablet, or computer. To access the MarAds studio, go to the top right corner of the website, select MarAds, and don’t forget to log in if you already have an account. If not, you can create an account using Google or LINE and instantly receive 500 points.


Step 2: Go to MarAds Studio

Once in the MarAds Studio, you'll find two working spaces. On the left, there's a box for entering product details. Before filling out the details, you’ll have two modes to choose from:

  • Basic Mode: For filling in basic product details like type, brand, and price.

  • Advanced Mode: For more detailed inputs, which includes various sale styles from a charming young seller to the quirky "auntie next door." Want to know how an auntie next door sells your product? Try it out yourself!

Let’s talk about the differences between these two modes. If we input the same details, how will MarAds produce the text in these two modes?


In the left text box is the Basic mode where you enter information, and upon reading, it is just a typical text for selling products. However, upon reading the right textbox, you'll see that the script has the quirkiness of "Uncle Kamnan" with an entreating touch in his voice as chosen. Our Advanced Mode offers many more customization options. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?


Step 3: How to Use Advanced Mode 

After switching modes, you’ll see more fields on the right for additional information. Here’s what you need to fill out:

  1. Basic Information: All Essential product details.

    • Product to be sold

    • Brand name

    • Price: The selling price when customers engage with your product

  2. Product attributes: (Optional)

    • Size/Quantity

    • Model/Design/Type

    • Color

    • Material/Style/Type

  3. Sales Style: Make your unique styles!

    • Choose from 7 unique seller characters 

    • Choose from 5 content styles; persuasive, humorous, serious, pleading, and sympathetic

  4. Promotional Information: Optional but if you need inspiration, just “randomize” it!

    • Promotional text such as 50% discounts

    • Target Customers

    • Competitive advantages; Why would customers choose you? If you don’t know what to input, you can randomize the input until you find the right one.

  5. Content-Length: Determines how many seconds the generated content will be (affects coin usage)

    • For extra information such as freebies or special services, feel free to input here


Step 4: Customize the Text

After you input the details and wait a moment, you will receive a quirky stand-out message crater specifically for your product. If you aren’t satisfied, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon. You can also request MarAds to "make it more persuasive" for an additional coin if necessary.

Once everything looks perfect and ready to be turned into audio, just click the "Create Audio" button.


Step 5: Download the Audio

Before downloading, listen to the generated audio to ensure it meets your new-gen marketing standard. Then, use points to download it in either mp3 or m4a format. And that’s your sale content finished 10 times faster!

Rest assured, the downloaded file will have no background noise.

Special Promotion


It’s that simple! Just type in your details and get both text and audio ready for use. If you love this feature, invite other sellers to use MarAds via your referral link and earn 500 points per referral!


Special Launch Celebration! Everyone who has read this far will receive an additional 5 coins for free, for the first 100 users. Just copy and paste your UID and email. Interested in claiming this offer? Click this link to receive your MarAds launch reward.

Additionally, if any sellers create content using MarAds and tag BOTNOI VOICE's Facebook or mention in the caption that the content was made with MarAds, and invite others to try BOTNOI VOICE, simply include our website link to receive 50 coins instantly, limited to the 20 users only!!! Start using BOTNOI VOICE today!


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Together, We Build the Future.

Collaborate to Innovate

Together, We Build the Future.