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Jul 10, 2024

Enhance HR Efficiency and Upskill Employees with BOTNOI Voice

Enhance HR Efficiency and Upskill Employees with BOTNOI Voice

Ready to develop professional skills for your organization but need more time and resources to create training content?

Do you want to communicate with your employees engagingly and consistently as much as possible?

Wouldn't it be better if you had a tool to make document work, content creation, and organizational communication simple, completing these tasks within minutes?

We are presenting BOTNOI Voice, an AI-powered tool that creates synthetic voices in Thai and other languages, simplifying content creation for training and organizational communication. In this article, BOTNOI Voice offers use cases for HR to reduce workload, increase efficiency, and upskill employees in the organization.

But before learning how BOTNOI Voice can assist HR, let's get to know BOTNOI Voice better.

What is BOTNOI Voice? 

BOTNOI Voice is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology using AI-generated synthetic voices to create voices in Thai and other languages from input text. BOTNOI Voice aims to enable users to easily create credible and natural-sounding speech, applicable for creating spoken text in various media without requiring expertise in synthetic voice creation.

4 Communication Challenges HR Faces 

In the digital age, where everything changes rapidly, HR teams face several challenges that complicate their work, such as:

  1. Ineffective Communication Coverage:

Ineffective communication coverage is a significant issue, especially in organizations with a diverse workforce of different nationalities and languages. Some employees might not receive important information on time and misunderstand policies and procedures.

  1. Difficulty in Creating and Updating Content:

When there are policy changes, procedural updates, or new hires, HR must create and update content to meet current standards and needs, which require time and resources for re-recording audio.

  1. Access Issues for Specific Employee Groups: 

Employees with visual impairments or reading difficulties may struggle to access information available only in text form.

  1. High Cost of Producing Audio Content: 

Allocating personnel resources for producing audio content or setting up a recording studio incurs high costs in terms of time and money, therefore being unable to create audio frequently.

BOTNOI Voice: A New Generation HR Tool 

Given the above challenges, HR can leverage Text-to-Speech technology like BOTNOI Voice to address these issues through its features and applications, such as:

  1. Inclusive Communication for All Employees: 

With the ability to convert text to speech in multiple languages, BOTNOI Voice ensures smooth and inclusive communication with all employees, which includes international employees and those with visual or reading impairments, ensuring everyone receives and understands the same information.

  1. Creating Quality and Engaging Content: 

BOTNOI Voice can help HR transform extensive documents into engaging onboarding, training, and informational content for employees, enhancing communication and motivating employees.

  1. Streamline Content Updates, Reducing Repetitive Work:  

BOTNOI Voice features proofreading and instantly regenerating the voice after text editing, streamlining the content update process and eliminating the need for repeated recordings. This allows BOTNOI Voice to support all organizational changes, whether onboarding new employees or updating organizational policies, reducing repetitive tasks and increasing efficiency.

  1. Cost-Effective Voice-Over, All-In-One Solution: 

BOTNOI Voice offers over 80 voices in multiple languages, making it a one-stop solution for all organizational voice-over needs. It eliminates the need to allocate personnel or set up suitable environments for producing audio content.

  1. Accelerated Workflow and Enhanced Personalization:

With easy voice creation and editing, HR can quickly modify messages to suit individual employees, speeding up information dissemination and addressing employees' needs more effectively.

In summary, BOTNOI Voice simplifies HR tasks by converting text to multi-language speech, ensuring inclusive communication, creating engaging content, reducing repetitive work, and lowering voice-over costs. With over 80 voices to choose from, you can quickly personalize messages for individual employees and enhance workflow efficiency.

Start using BOTNOI Voice at BOTNOI Voice or on Canva at Canva BOTNOI Voice.

If you are interested in using BOTNOI Voice or creating AI-generated voices for your organization or agency's internal work, you can contact us for more information here or via Facebook


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